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Recognised IPv4 transfer Broker
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IPv4 transfer broker services

Four reasons to sell or to buy IPv4 subnets with

1. Simple and transparent service

We, as an IPv4 broker, guarantee the transparency and security of the IPv4 transfer under the following options:

  • Escrow Services. Being in escrow means to be in a contractual arrangement in which an escrow intermediary receives funds from the buyer and disburses them for the seller under the terms of the transaction. The disbursement depends on conditions agreed to by the transacting parties. By default all IPv4 deals are done via For the IPv4 transfer we register the transaction and follow each action until the complete fullfill of obligations by Parties. If you don’t have possibility to trade through the we can offer you the another escrow option.
  • NDA. we sign a non disclosure agreement with both parties to guarantee the safety of the information you have provided.
  • Legal support. We will check and prepare all the required documents, initiate and control the transfer.
  • IPv4 subnet check up – we will check IPv4 with spamlists to confirm that the subnet is clean.
  • Consulting services – we will answer all your questions and help you during the deal.

2. 7 days per week support

  • We work seven days per week from 11AM to 11PM (CET) to guarantee a quick support.
  • You can contact us with our chat which is available in the right sidebar or just write us a email to

3. Recognised IPv4 transfer Broker

We’ve signed the recognised IPv4 transfer broker agreement with the RIPE NCC to ensure that we follow the RIPE NCC terms and conditions.

4. Free service for sellers

  • Our service fee is always included to the buyer’s price. 
  • Escrow fee:

For subnets smaller or equal to /21 the escrow fee is paid by buyer. 

For subnets larger than /21 the escrow fee is paid 50\50 by buyer and seller. We split it to guarantee that each party involved into the transaction won’t change his mind as, in case of the transaction cancellation, the escrow fee is not refunded .

You can calculate the escrow fee here:

How the IPv4 broker works

  1. We ask the Seller and the Buyer to provide us the following documents and information:
    • the company registration document
    • the company details
    • the position and name of the person authorized to sign the transfer agreement (hereinafter –the TA).
    • If the signee is not the CEO, additionally we ask to provide us the power of attorney.
    • For sellers: the list of IPv4 for sale and the price per IP. The price shall include VAT.
    • For LIRs: the LIR details in the RIPE database (ORG object and LIR id).
    • For the PI-holder who is not a LIR: ORG object, sponsoring LIR details and the end user agreement.
    • For legacy holders: ORG object, a document which confirms the subnet ownership.
  2. All parties shall register at and pass the verification procedure.
  3. After the approval we open a trilateral deal through
  4. All parties confirm the deal.
  5. The buyer sends funds to
  6. confirms the receipt.
  7. We send the TA to the Buyer and ask to sign it.
  8. We send the signed TA and the buyer’s company registration documents to the Seller and he shall open the ticket with the RIPE NCC.
  9. When the transfer has been completed by RIPE NCC, the Buyer confirms the delivery at
  10. releases the payment to the seller.

Closing documents:

After the transfer has been completed the following documents shall be issued:

  1. The Seller issues the invoice for the transfer to the Buyer.
  2. The IP Broker (UAB Voldeta) issues the invoice for the broker comission to the Buyer.
  3. issues the closing statement and the invoice for their services (transaction fee/disbursement fee) to all parties.


The buyer’s price is 2100 EUR. The seller’s price is 2000 EUR. The escrow fee 10 EUR pays the buyer. The disbursement fee 5 EUR pay all parties. – in this case the Seller issues the invoice on 2000 EUR to the Buyer, the broker issues the invoice on 100 EUR to the Buyer, the issues the invoice on 10 EUR to the buyer, and invoices on 5 EUR to each parties.

IPv4 exchaustion

Most Regional Internet Registries either have run out of available IPv4 addresses or allocate the final /8, so, in case you decide to register LIR to obtain IPv4 please note that you can get from the RIR the limited allocation.

On december 2020 there’s the following information on limits:

RIPE NCC. The RIPE NCC’s last /8 was run out on 25 November 2019. Since November the maximum allocation size is /24 and is made on the waiting list.

APNIC. Since February 2019 the maximum delegation size is /23.

LACNIC. The pool of IPv4 addresses at LACNIC was exhausted in August, 2020. Now only allocations from /22 to a /24 can be made and each new member may only receive an initial allocation.

ARIN. ARIN’s pool of IPv4 addresses was exhausted on 24 September 2015. Since that day new members can obtain only 1x/24 on the waiting list.

AFRINIC. On December 2020 the Afrinic has less than /11 of non-reserved address space available from the final /8. Now only allocations from /22 to a /24 can be requested. LIRs requesting for additional IPv4 subnet must ensure that at least the 90% of all IPv4 addresses allocated by AFRINIC is used efficiently.

So what to do if  I need more than the maximum delegation size?

You can obtain new subnets through the transfer. Members can transfer IPv4 to each other within one RIR, or, in case the LIR would like transfer to or from LIR from the other RIR region, he can request the inter-RIR transfer. If you would like to receive additional IPv4 or sell unused subnets then the easiest way to do it is to ask a broker. We are a recognised IPv4 broker and are always ready to help with the transfer.

Do I need to become a LIR to request the transfer?

No, you don’t need it in case you would like to get the subnet for your own infrastracture only. In this case you can buy IPv4 PI – provider independent. Before the transfer you shall find the sponsoring LIR to confirm the transfer and support your future subnet. The price for IPv4 PI is a bit higher than for IPv4 PA.

Contact details


UAB Voldeta, 305298094, VAT LT100013343219

If you are our customer or would like to become, please use the following mail:


We are available from 11 AM till 11 PM (CET) 7 days per week through the online chat or email. Feel free to contact us.

Due to Covid-19 we work remotely till  01.04.2021. To register for the appoitnment at Švitrigailos g. 7 please contact us via email:


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