How the IPv4 broker works

  1. We ask the Seller and the Buyer to provide us the following documents and information:
    • the company registration document
    • the company details
    • the position and name of the person authorized to sign the transfer agreement (hereinafter –the TA).
    • If the signee is not the CEO, additionally we ask to provide us the power of attorney.
    • For sellers: the list of IPv4 for sale and the price per IP. The price shall include VAT.
    • For LIRs: the LIR details in the RIPE database (ORG object and LIR id).
    • For the PI-holder who is not a LIR: ORG object, sponsoring LIR details and the end user agreement.
    • For legacy holders: ORG object, a document which confirms the subnet ownership.
  2. We sign contracts with both parties.
  3. All parties shall register at and pass the verification procedure.
  4. After the approval we open a trilateral deal through
  5. All parties confirm the deal.
  6. The buyer sends funds to
  7. confirms the receipt.
  8. We send the TA to the Buyer and ask to sign it.
  9. We send the signed TA and the buyer’s company registration documents to the Seller and he shall open the ticket with the RIPE NCC.
  10. When the transfer has been completed by RIPE NCC, the Buyer confirms the delivery at
  11. releases the payment to the seller.

Closing documents:

After the transfer has been completed the following documents shall be issued:

  1. The Seller issues the invoice for the transfer to the Buyer.
  2. The IP Broker issues the invoice for the broker comission to the Buyer.
  3. issues the closing statement and the invoice for their services (transaction fee/disbursement fee) to all parties.


The buyer’s price is 2100 EUR. The seller’s price is 2000 EUR. The escrow fee 10 EUR pays the buyer. The disbursement fee 5 EUR pay all parties. – in this case the Seller issues the invoice on 2000 EUR to the Buyer, the broker issues the invoice on 100 EUR to the Buyer, the issues the invoice on 10 EUR to the buyer, and invoices on 5 EUR to each parties.